Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chance encounters in the park

A chance decision to go through Regent’s Park while walking between appointments in Central London with my wife at around lunchtime yielded some rich pickings in terms of water-based birds. The birds all seemed to be very used to human contact, with the pigeons, Black-headed Gulls, Canada Geese and Grey Herons all loitering on the path and barely moving out of the way as we walked past. I can’t say I am surprised by the first three species I mentioned there, as they do seem unafraid of people in public parks, but I couldn’t believe I was so closed to more than one Grey Heron.

The most intriguing sighting of the day had to be the Egyptian Geese. I had no idea that these could be seen in Central London, but as the entry for this species on the RSPB’s website states that it is ‘seen frequently on ornamental ponds where it was originally brought’, then I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

to a website on birding in Regent’s Park that I have found, over 200 species have been seen there, so it would appear that what we saw on our impromptu lunchtime stroll was merely the tip of the iceberg!

Birds seen in Regent’s Park, London c. 1:00-1:30pm
Weather overcast with moderate wind and a hint of drizzle

Black-headed Gull x100s
Canada Goose x50
Grey Heron x6
Greylag Goose x20
Coot x50
Moorhen x20
Feral Pigeon x100s
Tufted Duck x12
Pochard x1 (m)
Mallard x20
Mute Swan x2
Egyptian Goose x10
Herring Gull x2 (both juv)
Carrion Crow x10
Cormorant x1

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